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Apacer Industrial SSD Products Warranty Policy

The following statement is not applied to the users who do NOT directly purchase product(s)from Apacer. Such users should check with the seller for any warranty service.


The statement only applies to direct purchasers of products from Apacer.

APACER TECHNOLOGY INC. (hereinafter referred to "Apacer") warrants that its products are free from defects in material and workmanship within the product warranty duration. Subject to the conditions and limitations set forth below, Apacer will, at its option, either repair or replace any part of its products that prove defective by reason of improper workmanship or materials. Repaired parts or replacement products will be provided by Apacer on an exchange basis, and will be either new or refurbished to be functionally equivalent to new. This warranty does not cover marred cabinets or any damage to this product that results from accident, abuse, misuse, lightening, fire, water, natural or personal disaster, or any unauthorized disassembly, repair, or modification.

The following items are not covered under this warranty:

.Misuse of the Product (misuse due to non-compliance with the Company's product manual; use for the purpose of testing fixture, and abuse); negligence; natural disasters, poor operation environment; power supply problems or human damages; improper installations and modifications without the authorization of the Company (personal repair or disassembly); the tags with Apacer product information or the warranty label is physically damaged or missing (unidentifiable or altered by the user); the serial number has been torn or removed.

.Any software or content installed previously or provided for downloading on the official website.

.Issues concerning product compatibility.

.Non-Apacer branded products.

.Accessories, packing materials, consumables and others excluded from the service for the main unit.


DOA Policy

The DOA warranty means if any Industrial SSD products from Apacer are damaged or found to be faulty within this period except results from all the above-mentioned unrepaired items, Apacer will provide replacement products on an exchange basis with the new unit(s) to the customer within 10 days once Apacer receive returned defective products.


All Industrial SSD products from Apacer are under DOA “defect on arrival” warranty within 45days from the date of manufacture (S/N) to customer installation. Products that have been in use beyond the DOA period will be repaired under the terms of the Aapcer’s warranty statement and not replaced with new products.

Duration of Warranty

.The series of SLC-Based Products are covered by

I. Three-Year Warranty

II.   OR, the period ending on the date when the SSD has exceeded 60,000 Average Erase Count, which is indicated by Apacer’s SMART software. Including Industrial Flash Cards, SATA, PATA ,USB and PCIe SSDs.

.The series of MLC-Based Products are covered by

I.      Two-Year Warranty

II.    OR, the period ending on the date when the SSD has exceeded 3000 Average Erase Count, which is indicated by Apacer’s SMART software. Including Industrial Flash Cards, SATA, PATA,USB and PCIe SSDs. (*= MLC-Based Products which capacity is 4GB or below 4GB are covered by a One-Year Warranty)

Apacer will identify product warranty by the manufacture date. Referring to products with expired maintenance/collection period, APACER supplies an addition of 3 month's maintenance period.




Warranty Claim Procedures and Requirements

All return items must have a RETURN MERCHANDISE AUTHORIZATION (RMA) number issued by Apacer from Web site http://service.apacer.com. To obtain warranty service, you have to return a defective product, freight-prepaid and insured, to Apacer. You must include product identification information, including model number and serial number (if applicable) with a detailed description of the problem you are experiencing.

Once you have obtained an RMA number from Apacer, you must, within thirty (30) days, send the product freight-prepaid and insured to Apacer. Products shipped to the factory must be properly packaged to prevent damage in transit. You must include the Apacer RMA number prominently displayed on the outside of your package and on the shipping label only.

If you send your product to the factory without the RMA number prominently displayed on the outside of the package, it will be returned to you unopened. Customer will be responsible for round-trip freight for RMA.

Apacer does not allow customer to collect RMA and have a huge shipment return.

Typographical, Photographic and Technical Errors

Apacer does its best to be accurate but occasionally mistakes do occur. Apacer is not responsible for any typographical, photographic or technical errors. Apacer will try to advise you of any such errors affecting you via email confirmation when you place your order. Note: Products and packaging depicted may differ from stock available at time of shipment; Apacer reserve s the right to substitute equivalent items.


.The Company is only responsible for the maintenance and testing for the hardware without offering recovery and back up for data stored therein. The Company shall not be liable for any damage and/or loss of data caused by any reason during the delivery for maintenance.

.In no event shall the Company assume any liability or compensation for intellectual property rights violations, loss of profits, damage of business reputation, loss of earnings, loss of data, or other indirect and incidental losses or damages arising from or related to the use of products to the largest extent permitted by applicable laws.

.The company’s products may be used for various applications. Apacer shall not be liable for misuse of the products or applying the products to all other relevant applications that may lead to personal injury or death due to product failure, defection or disorder, including but not limited to medical or medical-related equipment, military or military-related equipment, traffic control equipment, disaster prevention system, combustion control system and nuclear energy system.



To identify manufacture date from PN and SN label

The 3rd to 6th digits in serial number means the year and week of production, for example:

Ÿ   "S/N: 77 0012 23456" indicates Year 2000 and week 12th. (March)

Ÿ   "S/N: 88 0202 23456" indicates Year 2002 and week 2nd. (January)


Additional Statement

‧The above terms of warranty constitute the entire warranty policy of the Company and cover all other agreements, whether oral or written. The Company makes no other warranties, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, whether express or implied.

‧In the event that the laws and policies of certain country/region stipulate a maximum warranty period on products, the Company will, to the largest extent permitted by laws of such countries, provide technical support and warranty service.

‧In the event that the laws and policies of certain country/region prohibit the exclusion of implied warranty, the Company will only agree to perform the liability of implied warranty on the products in such country/region within the Company's express warranty period.

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