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  • Q1.The Internal Card Reader trouble shooting.
    • Hardware:
      1. If the system can’t find the card reader device when you plug it into your computer, please startup the USB controller in the BIOS setting.
      2. For Internal Card Reader, USB cable pin 1 has to connected to the USB connecter pin1 on your motherboard. Please refer to your
      motherboard manual for USB connecter pin assignment information. (Please try other USB port if no work)
      3. Also check the "USB Root Hub" and "USB Universal Host Controller" exist in the "USB port controller" under "Device Manager" and no error symbol.
      4. For SDHC please refer to the product specifications.
      1. Please confirm the Card Reader has supported your operation system. Please refer to the system requirement of card reader manual.
      2. OS Win98, 2000 and Mac maybe have driver demand. Please install the driver correctly.
      3. In Microsoft Windows OS, it sometimes will assign the same device letter to a removable USB device as is assigned to an existing device, rendering the USB drive inaccessible if you have network drives mapped, or more than two local hard drive or CD drives.
      Product Operation:
      1. Please plug the flash card into the right slot and don’t mix up. Inappropriate operation may damage flash card (data) and card reader.
      2. Do not disconnect the flash card during the formatting or data accessing. No responsibility is provided for any damage to or loss of any program, data, or other information stored in abnormal operation.
      3. The read/write speed will be slower if you insert several flash cards on the card reader and read/write data from each other.

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