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  • Q1.Do I have to update SSD firmware? (M.2 AS2260/M.2 AS2280/AS220/AS330/AS510S/AST680S)
    • We will release SSD firmware update tool irregularly scheduled, new firmware will improve platform compatibility and increase stability.
      You may check the firmware version through "SSD Widget v1.0.0.7".

      Please "click here" for download update tool and SOP

      Notes: Please back up the data first, the upgrade process will erase all of the data.

  • Q2.Why doesn't TV screen display normally?
    • Because of incorrect video setting , press the “ TV System “ button to switch output TV system.
      (1) If you use HDMI cable to connect TV , please choose “ 1080P “ option .
      (2) If you use component video cable , please choose “720P “option .
      (3) Once you choose 720P/720i or 1080P option to setup TV system , then please use composite AV cable to connect CRT TV . You maybe see unclear images, please press “ TV SYSTEM” button on the remote control to set option among PAL; NTSC or 480p resolution.
  • Q3.Plays video without audio.
    • Because of incorrect the audio setting .
      (1) If you use component video cable to connect TV , please connect composite AV cable at the same time .
      (2) Some TV sets equip with separate composite and component audio inputs. Be sure that you have connected the correct one.
      (3) Press AUDIObutton on the remote control to select the correct audio channel.
      AL460 doesn’t support DTS formats directly , please use HDMI cable connected the amplifier , and then connect between amplifier and TV via HDMI . You could enjoy DTS audio.
  • Q4.Why are the attached USB devices not visible ?
    • (1) Some 2.5” external hard drives need connect 2 USB ports simultaneously to operate , please use power sharing cable to connect 2 USB ports .
      (2) Make sure the file system is FAT or NTFS. FAT only supports maximum 4GB file capacity, and NTFS supports more than 4GB file capacity.
  • Q5.Why is the subtitles garbled?
    • Go to “System “ item on “ Setup” option , then enter “ Text Encoding “ option to choose correct encoding.
  • Q6.Why doesn't the media player connect PC via network ?
    • (1) Check the intranet network setting.
      (2) Go to Apacer website to download TranscodeServer.exe , it could help media player to connect PC.
  • Q7.When I play the photos , how to set up background music ?
    • (1) Go to “ MISC “ on “ Setup” option , then enter “Background Music “ to choose “ON” to enable this function.
      (2) Please store the music and photos that you want to play in the same folder .Or go to play music at first , and then play photos.
  • Q8.Are the Subtitles file name the same as video file name? or do they store in the same folder?
    • They need to be stored in the same folder. The Subtitles file name are the same as video file name. For example :
  • Q9.If the media player connects amplifier with HDMI cable , does it support DTS audio format ?
    • If Amplifier could support DTS , the video with DTS could be played.
  • Q10.How to connect AL460 with Win 7?
    • Please downlow downlow Win7 FW V2.7.1015 on Apacer download center.

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