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Type Description Language OS Size Release Date Download Note
Specification Sheet SFD 25H1-M_Specification Sheet English All 504.00kb 2015/01/09 SFD 25H1-M_Specification Sheet
Specification Sheet 2242 P100-M_Specification Sheet English All 599.00kb 2015/01/09 2242 P100-M_Specification Sheet
Specification Sheet 2260 P200-M_Specification Sheet English All 674.00kb 2015/01/09 2260 P200-M_Specification Sheet
Specification Sheet 2280 P201-M_Specification Sheet English All 629.00kb 2015/01/09 2280 P201-M_Specification Sheet
Specification Sheet SFD 18H-M_Specification Sheet English All 595.00kb 2015/01/09 SFD 18H-M_Specification Sheet
Specification Sheet SFD 25A_Specification Sheet English All 419.00kb 2015/01/09 SFD 25A_Specification Sheet
Specification Sheet mSATA H1-M_Specification Sheet English All 511.00kb 2014/12/03 mSATA H1-M_Specification Sheet
Specification Sheet SFD18SH-M_Specification Sheet English All 595.00kb 2014/12/03 SFD18SH-M_Specification Sheet
Specification Sheet SAFD 18P_Specification sheet English All 277.00kb 2014/11/19 SAFD 18P_Specification sheet
Specification Sheet SAFD 18P-M_Specification sheet English All 286.00kb 2014/11/19 SAFD 18P-M_Specification sheet

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