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Type Description Language OS Size Release Date Download Note
General Specifications SAFD 25M3_Specification Sheet English All 378.00kb 2011/08/23 SAFD 25M3_Specification Sheet
General Specifications ADM4_44P/90D_Specification Sheet English All 184.00kb 2011/08/17 ADM4_44P/90D_Specification Sheet
General Specifications ADM4_44P/90D-M_Specification Sheet English All 176.00kb 2011/08/17 ADM4_44P/90D-M_Specification Sheet
General Specifications SAFD 18S3_Specification Sheet English All 300.00kb 2011/07/21 SAFD 18S3_Specification Sheet
General Specifications SDM3 7P/270D_Specification sheet English All 288.00kb 2011/07/21 SDM3 7P/270D_Specification sheet
General Specifications AFDIII 183_Specification Sheet English All 176.00kb 2011/07/21 AFDIII 183_Specification Sheet
General Specifications ADMIII_44P/180D_Specification Sheet English All 185.00kb 2011/07/21 ADMIII_44P/180D_Specification Sheet
General Specifications ADMIII_44P/270D_Specification Sheet English All 191.00kb 2011/04/27 ADMIII_44P/270D_Specification Sheet
General Specifications ADMIII_40P/180D_Specification Sheet English All 191.00kb 2011/04/27 ADMIII_40P/180D_Specification Sheet
General Specifications ADMIII_44P/90D HF_Specification Sheet English All 214.00kb 2011/04/27 ADMIII_44P/90D HF_Specification Sheet

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