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SDM I 22P/90D


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Apacer SATA Disk Module (SDM) complies with 22 PIN standard interface invertical type. By using selected SLC FLASH memory and the controller, it is possible to provide high reliability and high performance of operation for sophisticated system.

With small form factor, the applicable appliance can add or install the SATA storage device on the compact mother board or small complete set.



*The actual available memory on the device is less than what is listed on the package. This is due to small discrepancies in file formats and algorithms used by various operating systems. In addition, a portion of memory space is reserved for system files and data sectors for better performance.

SDM I 22P/90D


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  • 22-pin SATA Connector
  • Advanced wear-leveing and Block Management
  • Built-in HW ECC , SMART Functions and Quick Erase
  • Power Failure Recovery



ModelSDM I 22P/90D
InterfaceSATA I 1.5Gb/s
NAND Flash TypeSLC
Sustained Read Performance (MB/sec)Standard: Up to 20; High Speed: Up to 35
Sustained Write Performance (MB/sec)Up to 10
ECC Support8 bit/512 Bytes
Standard Operating Temperature ( °C )0 ~ + 70
Storage Temperature ( °C )-40 ~ + 100
Operating Voltage5.0 V
Low Power ConsumptionActive mode: 196mA; Idle mode: 124mA
Dimension (mm)44x30


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Type Description Language OS Size Release Date Download Note
Specification Sheet SDM_22P/90D_Specification sheet English All 223.00kb 2011/04/06 SDM_22P/90D_Specification sheet
Specification Sheet SDM_22P/180D_Specification sheet English All 251.00kb 2011/04/06 SDM_22P/180D_Specification sheet
Specification Sheet SDM_7P/180D_Specification sheet English All 255.00kb 2011/04/06 SDM_7P/180D_Specification sheet
Specification Sheet SDM_7P/90D_Specification sheet English All 192.00kb 2011/04/06 SDM_7P/90D_Specification sheet
Type Description Language OS Size Release Date Download Note
Reliability SDM_22P90D_Shock_Report English All 857.03kb 2008/06/30 SDM_22P90D_Shock_Report
Reliability SDM_22P90D_Temperature_Report English All 566.78kb 2008/06/30 SDM_22P90D_Temperature_Report
Reliability SDM_22P90D_Vibration_Report English All 100.55kb 2008/06/30 SDM_22P90D_Vibration_Report
Reliability SDM_22P180D_Shock_Report English All 2.55MB 2008/06/30 SDM_22P180D_Shock_Report
Reliability SDM_22P180D_Temperature_Report English All 1.49MB 2008/06/30 SDM_22P180D_Temperature_Report
Reliability SDM_22P180D_Vibration_Report English All 2.09MB 2008/06/30 SDM_22P180D_Vibration_Report
Reliability SDM_7P/180D_Temperature_Report English All 1.44MB 2008/06/30 SDM_7P/180D_Temperature_Report
Reliability SDM_7P/180D_Shock_Report English All 2.53MB 2008/06/30 SDM_7P/180D_Shock_Report
Reliability SDM_7P/180D_Vibration_Report English All 2.06MB 2008/06/30 SDM_7P/180D_Vibration_Report
Type Description Language OS Size Release Date Download Note
EMC SDM_22P90D_CE_Certificate English All 289.11kb 2008/06/30 SDM_22P90D_CE_Certificate
EMC SDM_22P90D_FCC_Certificate English All 309.94kb 2008/06/30 SDM_22P90D_FCC_Certificate
EMC SDM_7P180D_FCC_Certificate English All 195.19kb 2008/06/30 SDM_7P180D_FCC_Certificate
EMC SDM_7P180D_CE_Certificate English All 212.56kb 2008/06/30 SDM_7P180D_CE_Certificate
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