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Extreme and Perseverance:
Let Apacer AH333 Flash Drive Speak up Your True Qualities

( Nov 21, 2016 ) Bookmark and Share

Life is an ongoing task filled with challenges. We all know deep inside there is a spirit that longs to conquer, a tenacious self that never wants to give up. Let Apacer AH333 flash drive unleash this power within you in the most Chinese way. The artistically designed exterior bears vigorously written calligraphy strokes that symbolize the determination and spirit to rise to a challenge.

Apacer recently unveiled a lineup of limited edition, AH333 8GB USB2.0 flash drive, exclusively launched for the Middle East region. Available in black and white, AH333 is characterized, literally, with bold Chinese characters styled with calligraphy strokes to deliver messages like “extreme” and “perseverance”.

At the front of the white unit reads Jian Qi written in black, meaning “perseverance”, to exhibit the quality that makes who we are. The black unit is printed with Ji Xian in white, meaning “extreme”, to express what it would take to go beyond. The message in either one is clear: stay uncompromised in the face of challenges.

AH333 is especially designed with a rounded touch without any angles. The glossy surface complements the size and shape with a fine quality. A thoughtfully designed strap hole is in place to ensure the unit will always stay where you need it to be.



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