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POWER UP with Apacer AS682 ARMOR+ SSD
Arm Your PC Kingdom with Indestructible ARMOR+

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(Taipei)In the world of gaming, time is literally a matter of win or loss. In less than a second, a game’s performance is determined. Boost your PC with Apacer’s AS682 ARMOR+ solid state drive and get ahead of your opponent in every move! Equipped with SATA III interface, AS682 ARMOR+ operates read/write speed at 540/475MB per second with 95,000 IOPs. Available in 250GB and 500GB, this SSD is advantaged in many ways, including high performance, low power consumption, high durability, excellent value for money, and multiprocessing architecture.

Effectively Boost Your Gaming Skill with Apacer AS682 ARMOR+ SSD
The first generation of ARMOR was born out of Apacer’s dedication in perfecting SSD for better gaming experience. The latest release, AS682 ARMOR+ is even more advanced in processing speeds, with 540MB/s (read) and 475MB/s (write). The 95,000 IOPS makes one thing clear: from scene changes, battles, to fast moves, the smooth fluidity is unparalleled even with most complicated in-game actions. Compatible with most of the PCs and motherboards, the SATA III interface delivers a blazing fast performance, making it an ideal must for enhancement.

Gear-like Emblem : a Symbol of Victory
The design on the shell of AS682 ARMOR+ is inspired by the iron core often seen on comic book superheroes. The noticeable gear-like emblem is symbolic of its ceaseless read/write capability and superb speed. The metal shell is textured to present an extremely fine touch, simulating the advanced equipment worn by a hero on a mission. What’s more, the metal has effective heat reduction capability. Whether you are utility-driven or aesthetic-oriented, AS682 ARMOR+ is here to complement both your PC and your win.

Highly Efficient Power Performance, a Must for Professionals
AS682 ARMOR+ is indeed an ideal choice for professionals, with its marvelous access speed, tremendous safety, and low power consumption. The rapidness in activation applies to both the PC and applications, meaning no time is wasted when accessing the computer. The power saving design enables low-power consumption, efficiently giving laptop batteries longer life and making PCs eco-friendlier. Moreover, the anti-impact structure ensures no file corruption, even when on the go. The multiprocessing architecture keeps a variety of independent, paralleled executions operating simultaneously. Professionals or multitaskers will find themselves seamlessly working on several applications with an effortless smoothness.

1.2 Million MTBF : Safety Guarded with Multiple Protections
Wear leveling and Error Correction Code (ECC) are 2 special features of ARMOR+ that function to protect data with extended product life. Worried about reduced efficiency over time? Never. ARMOR+ comes with an impressive 1,200,000 hours of average lifespan and supports S.M.A.R.T., NCQ, and Windows 7 TRIM. An Apacer SSDWidget is in place to constantly monitor the SSD health and initiate firmware updates to ensure the system always operates at optimal status.



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