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Apacer Showcases Leading Technologies at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2016
Efficient storage technology and patent SSD drawing IoT and new gaming blueprint

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May 30th, 2016 – Taipei, Taiwan – Apacer (TWSE: 8271), the world-leading memory brand, announces a jumpstart before COMPUTEX Taipei 2016 with its leading storage technology and global patent SSD to lay the foundation for IoT development and new gaming blueprint. The hero products of Apacer in 2016, AvataRAM, enables IoT applications to smoothly operate with excellent performance and reliability. Meanwhile, Apacer will demonstrate the customized DRAM solution for extreme environments and CANbus module to fulfill the needs of IPC and automative applications. As for the consumer market, Apacer enriches consumers’ daily digital life with its diverse innovative products. This year, Apacer introduces its global patent dual interface SSD, to meet the rapid growing demand for gaming hardware. Overall, Apacer demonstrates its leading R&D capabilities and core advantages in memory in both IPC and consumer fields.

President of Apacer, CK Chang said, “With the IoT and cloud application continue to grow, all kinds of technologies and applications keep coming up to the market. Facing the vigorous growing of cloud computing and internet of things, businesses are overwhelmed by the ever-developing technology and applications. Still, the key and core concept of all these developments is storage. Apacer lays its foundation with years of R&D capabilities in storage technology and industry experiences, and gradually deepen its roots in the market. Speed and stability are the two key R&D features in Apacer’s IPC market development. At the same time, Apacer also aims to obtain keen consumer insights to enhance and increase potential applications in gaming and mobility market. Apacer will uphold the brand spirit of innovation and reliability and continue to devote ourselves to making synergistic effect for consumers. Apacer aims to become the leader in integration of technological information services.”

High-efficiency Storage Computing & Patented Gaming SSD with Excellent Storage Technology and Application

I. Establish for IoT and Cloud development, and customized solutions to meet needs from diverse scenarios:

Apacer’s latest AvatarRAM series are flagship products with advantages in low latency and long read/writing life features, AvataRAM series are hardware-based RAMDisk provding the high-speed and stable cache effectiveness. AvataRAM is suitable for industry that requires concentrated and random data transmission in reading and writing with intensive and large amount of small files, such as Metadata Store and Log File applications.

Apacer’s customized DRAM solution for extreme environment ensures IPC equipment to operate properly under extreme weather conditions such as extreme temperature, humidity, and shock. The latest anti-sulfurated series is designed to reduce environmental factors that impact the performance of outdoor devices. As for Apacer’s mainstream memory products, the newly launched 32-bit DDR3 SO-DIMM is specifically designed for ARM architecture, offering various capacities to deliver excellent performance and even 20% deduction in power consumption. It can be applied in diverse markets including ICT, car system, mobile communication and embedded devices applications.

For the IoT applications in end-use, Apacer introduces CANbus communication module to provide real-time information transmission and control for fleet and motorcade management. Moreover, the Apacer Cloud™ Smart Home Integrated Platform realizes the vision of Internet of Things by improving living quality with revolutionized smarter service.

II. Ultimate Gaming Experience with the Patented Dual Interface SSD:

According to market research , the estimated out-put value of global e-sports will reach US$500 million in 2016. Apacer has deeply cultivated in gaming market for years and experienced the strong demands for speed and stability of high level gamers to enjoy the zero-latency gaming experience. Apacer AS720 patented dual interface SSD is the first of its kind equipped with SATAIII and USB 3.1 interfaces along with the latest Type-C ports, enabling extreme gaming experience. The AS720 dual interface SSD offers extreme data transmission with reading speed up to 540MB/s and writing speed up to 450MB/s, fulfilling the pursuit of extreme speed for high-end gamers. As the structure doesn’t contain mobile parts, the heat and noise that produced by a traditional hard drive are no longer a problem. Along with its 30G anti-vibration and 3000G anti-shock protections, AS720 SSD provides the ultimate gaming experiences.

III. Diverse Mobility Accessories Satisfy the Requirements from Everyday Digital Life:

Mobility accessories have become an essential part for consumers’ daily life. To provide seamless mobile experiences for users, Apacer foresees the market trends and introduces mobility product series which are designed for Type-C and Lightening ports. The serial products includes AH190 Lightning Flash Drive, AH180 USB3.1 Type-C Dual Flash Drive, AP350 USB3.1 Type-C Hub and A611 Type-C OTG adapter, feed consumer’s needs for data sharing across interfaces and realize smart life without constraint. With memory card and disc market continuously focus on shock-proof and high capacity, Apacer’s brand new military-grade portable hard drive is equipped with IP68 level waterproof & dustproof protecting function and 600kg pressures endurance, which sets a classic example of top-spec storage and data protection. Moreover, microSDXC UHS-I U1 Class 10 memory card features 256GB ultra-high capacity with 85MB/s ultra-fast reading performance response to consumers’ demands for high-capacity.

IV. Reach-out to Diversified Potential Applications Evolving in Optical Measuring:

Apacer demonstrates its success in extending business to diverse filed after the launch of optical measuring instrument AL-100 last year. Apacer has further deepened the developments in optical metrology in 2016. Apacer introduces the successor of AL-100, the second generation AL-200 Luminance Meter. It not only greatly improves overall measuring speed with spectral analysis techniques, but also results in offering a new solution for manufacturers who are still in use of traditional filter type luminance meter for QC test.

Ahead of the grand opening of 2016 COMPUTEX Taipei, Apacer showcase its hero products and innovative technologies and solutions starting from May 30th to June 1st at the W Hotel Taipei. Come visit us and experience Apacer’s advanced technologies and innovative applications!

Apacer 2016 COMPUTEX Taipei Showroom @W hotel – Visit Us!
Time: 09:30-18:00 every day from May 30th (Monday) - June 1st (Wednesday)
Location: 11F Strategic Conference Room 3 & 4, W Hotel Taipei
(11F, No. 10, Zhongxiao E. Rd. Section 5, Xinyi District, Taipei, Taiwan)

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