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Tailored for Intel X79 and AMD A75 Overclocking Platforms Apacer rolls out ultimate high-end ARES series DDR3-2400 8GB Kit

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Apacer introduces ARES series DDR3-2400 8GB (4GBx2) Overclocking Memory Module, engineered for the Intel X79 and AMD A75 top platforms.  With a combination of high clock rate, huge capacity and low latency, ARES series is a perfect solution for extreme PC enthusiasts and gamers who want to optimize performance on the new platforms.



The new ARES series DDR3-2400 8GB (4GB x 2) overclocking memory module is crafted for the overclocking players and high-end gamers pursuing extreme performance. This module boasts high clock rate of DDR3 2400, low voltage of 1.65V and CL11-11-11-30 low latency design, which make it the most optimal design with both performance and stability.

ARES series DDR3 2400 overclocking memory module supportsthe latest Intel X79, AMD A75 platforms, as well as the latest Intel XMP1.3 version, making overclocking much easier to use. Via XMP overclocking, even the starters of the overclocking players can achieve top overclocking performance.

ARES DDR3 series uses a copper heat pipe cooler containing heat transfer liquid that turns into vapor by absorbing the heat of thermal-conductive copper heat pipe and transfers the vapor onto the large red heat dissipation fin through capillarity and phase transition technology. This efficient thermal design helps deliver optimum overclocking memory performances while maintaining cool temperatures.

Data Rate Model Capacity Configuration Voltage CL PCB
DDR3-2400 PC3-19200 8GB Kit (4GBx2) 256Mbx8  1.65V    9-11-9-27 8 Layer PCB


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