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Apacer AH132: the ultra-mini flash drive "Digital Key".

Unique thumb grove design and subtle style bring out the innovative magic!

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Taipei - In the digital era, a compact flash drive is like a key to the digital world. By gently inserting it into a computer, countless beautiful memories can be opened up. Apacer introduces the AH132, the ultra-mini flash drive "Digital Key". Having a finely crafted look, the key-shaped flash drive allows you to easily attach it to your key ring. What’s more, the center of the unit features a unique groove that fits your thumb finger for improved hand grip. AH132 comes in three colors and capacity choices: "twilight yellow"(4GB), "dawn blue"(8GB) and "scorching-sun red"(16GB). Among a great variety of flash drives available in the market, AH132 offer options that are compact, stylish yet ergonomic.

As a key to accessing your valuable memories, the flash drive transfers and stores your wonderful digital video and audio files. AH132, the ultra-mini flash drive "Digital Key", provides the intimate feeling, like a "handy little thing". The body of the trend-setting slim AH132 is trimmed with inclined planes, creating a visual sense of compactness. On top of that, a central groove is designed to fit your thumb finger, guiding the angle of hand gripping and posture. This ergonomic feature makes the flash drive easier to plug and unplug. AH132 further adopts a unique dual-piece design, with a blend of two dynamic colors to add more variety. In addition, the built-in grommet means you can freely attach straps or chains to show your personal style!

Built with the advanced COB packaging technology, the mini body of AH132 (33 mm in length x 16 mm in width x 4.5 mm in thickness) offers water-proof, dust-proof and shock-proof features. AH132 is available in various capacities and color combinations: "twilight yellow"(4GB), "dawn blue"(8GB) and "scorching-sun red"(16GB). Compatible with Windows 7, AH132 can support both new and legacy computers. It also comes equipped with exclusive ACE compression software. The software expands the data storage capacity by up to 500%, realizing bulk storage on the go!


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