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Just clip, take and go! Apacer AH131 comes with a unique, diagonally shaped built-in clip

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While you always carry with you your flash drive, mobile phone, keys or wallet, you too always fumble for these tiny stuffs! Knowing this well, Apacer rolls out the new USB flash drive AH131, featuring a unique, diagonally shaped built-in clip. The clip allows you to attach the gadget to any notebook, pocket, or bag, making it easier to carry and store. AH131 is available in two color combinations: the yellow-black “Bomblebee” and the blue-black “Tropical Fish,” both of which present an urban, chic look!

As Murphy’s Law goes, “When you are in a hurry, you’ll never find what you need!” This is a commonplace when it comes to flash drive users, as the device is too small to be found. Apacer observe how people use and store, finding that a clip makes it the easiest for users to find their flash drive. Complete with COB miniaturization technology and an ultra-thin clip, AH131 measures only 0.7 cm in thickness. As compact as a tie clip or even a pin, the extremely handy AH131 can be easily found whenever you need it! What’s more, the diagonally shaped clip with strap hole can also allows you to freely attach a strap or a key ring.

The sleek, clean look of AH131 goes with a diagonal line that embellishes the unit body and clip, highlighting its velocity and agility. The geometric pattern etched on the clip is a detailed design that symbolizes high data transmission. Built using advanced COB technology, the stunningly compact AH131 measures only 39.5mm in length x 12.2mm in width x 7.1mm in thickness. Compatible with the latest Windows 7, it is a one-size-fits-all solution for computers of different generations, and is available in three capacities: 4GB, 8GB and 16GB. AH131 comes equipped with the exclusive ACE compression software. The software increases the capacity by up to 500%, realizing bulk storage on the go.

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