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Apacer Taiwan earns wider appeal in Computex Taipei 2009
A complete brand-new lineup makes a stunning debut

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Computex Taipei 2009 will be taking place from June 2 to June 6. As an exhibitor for the grand annual event in the IT industry, Apacer will officially release the latest product line of digital peripherals, unveiling various high quality new products such as mouse, presenters, multimedia players, and external drives in the show, in addition to its complete series of new memory products such as DRAM modules, SSD Solutions, and digital storage products, Apacer's booth is located in J618, Nangang Exhibition Hall, Taipei World Trade Center.

Innovative trend-leading R&D
In addition to the full series of desktops, notebooks, and server memory modules, Apacer will also roll out all new tri-channel 2GB DDR3-2133 overclocking memory kits, which are currently deemed the highest-speed triple channel memory modules, perfectly reflecting Apacer memory's stability and overclocking potential. For industrial SSD solutions, the latest SAFD 254 employs its proprietary stacking technology, which supports the widest range of operating temperature by as much as 128GB compared to all other available industrial SSD solutions in today's market. Moreover, with SLC, the speed of continuous reading/writing is able to reach 150/130 MB/sec. SAFD 254 is the only SSD that is of high capacity and supports a wide operating temperature range (-40°C ~+85°C) in the industry; it is ideal for use in products requiring stability and durability and used under extreme environments, such as Tough Book (military standard), aerospace-engineering, or oil well drilling.

All New Digital Peripheral Products
Apacer's contribution to the red-hot stay-at-home-economy
Fun is possible without leaving home! Now it is easy to enjoy a perfect audio and video experience; simply insert your portable USB storage device into the Apacer AL350 Media Player, and then connect the AL350 to TV! Moreover, with the newly released M811/M821 2.4G wireless laser mouse that comes with the world's tiniest USB receiver, works on virtually any surface! Besides, it allows high resolution at 800 and 1600 CPI, meeting the demand of even the most discerning users seeking laser nimbleness in a wireless mouse. The unique energy saving switch allows the battery last for up to six months.

Apacer launches various types of external hard drives. Besides elegantly designed AC202, the new AC601 features USB-eSATA dual interfaces and vibration-proof function, as well as supports high-speed transmission and the. All models are equipped with the SmartCopy button, thus information can be backed up by a single press of a single button. In addition, embedded Security Software can protect the information stored in the hard drives.

Professional Secret Weapon: AB611 RF Wireless Presenter
Designed with user-friendly large keys, AB611 RF Wireless Presenter is easy to control by either hand. With a presenter, laser point pen, wireless mouse, and portable disk (AB611) or card reader (AB612) all in one, the 4-in-1 design is definitely an ideal tool for businesspersons.

Multi-usage Digital Storage adds value to your life
With all aluminum and black diamond-shape design and the best-of-class 128MB cache architecture, the eye-catching A7 Turbo SSD-A7202 redefines SSD and accelerates the reading/writing speed all the way to 230/210 MB per second, and an amazing 1500X performance. Furthermore, the operating power is as low as 0.26W, yielding one more hour of usage time, compared to traditional hard drives. It is suitable for frequent business travelers who always carry a notebook with them.

With top-class specifications and delicate texture, Apacer’s new 200X high speed USB drive Handy Steno AH522 is marked by an extraordinary momentum. Designed with the Zen concept in mind, another model AH325 features original black inscription. Simple but the best, it is an extreme expression of low-key luxury.

Compatible with USB 2.0 high-speed transmission interface, the Mega Steno AM401 Reader supports mainstream memory cards; it can directly read memory cards such as M2 and microSD and its LED indicator enables users to monitor the status of data transmission. Needless to set up other devices, the PH250 USB2.0 HUB has powerful data transmission and exchange functions, supporting fast transmission between the computer and mobile devices. Also equipped with a three-hole plug-and-play USB 2.0 port, the PH250 USB2.0 HUB has a transmission speed of as high as 480Mbps per second and supports applicable voltage and transient current protection.

In addition to high-capacity memory cards that support various arrays of mobile devices, Apacer releases a 350X ultra-high-speed CF card this year. With SLC, the 350X CF card has an amazing reading speed and product longevity, absolutely the best choice for camera experts. The latest color-screen MP3 Audio Steno AU380 has a built-in FM and channel memory function and avant-garde design, in conjunction with a detachable back clip, offering versatility for consumers.

Not Only Beautiful But Also Competent
Apacer SSD, DRAM modules bring you new gaming experience
In the Computex this year, Apacer is ready to bring players the latest technology, awesome gaming experience, and many giveaways. Apart from the showcase of ultra-fast memory, SSD hard drives, Apacer partners with YNK Taiwan, by using the latest FPS games – STING, to provide players with an enjoyable experience and competition! Many beautiful yet competent Apacer girl players will be invited to contest with visitors. Players who like FPS games are all welcomed to take up the challenge!

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