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Accessing Files Gets Smarter with Apacer Card Readers Equipped with Smart Tag Software
"Smart Tag" allows you to instantly read all kinds of memory card disks so you never have to worry about which card slot in use

( Nov 13, 2008 ) Bookmark and Share

The leading global flash memory manufacturer—Apacer, introduces Smart Tag, a useful software exclusively for its multi-slot card readers. Users of Apacer card readers can download the software by logging on to Apacer's website (www.apacer.com/smart_tag) and entering the P/N number printed on the packaging. The Smart Tag software can only be used for Apacer's multi-slot card readers—AM400, AM401, and AM500, and cannot be used for the card readers produced by other brands.

How smart is the Smart Tag software? Without it, when you install a multi-slot card reader on your computer, you will see "removable drive" icons appear on your screen with drive letters like (F):, (G):, (H): and (I):, but when you plug in your memory card in multi-card reader to access data, you just don't know which disk showing on the screen is the correct one. You often have to click around here and there, wasting time hunting for the right disk reading your memory card. However, after you install the Smart Tag software, it's like you have a smart helper that clearly displays the card types supported by each memory card slot and immediately identifies which card slots have cards in them that can be accessed. Apacer's high speed combo card readers combined with the Smart Tag smart software allow you to increase work efficiency so you can access data smoothly and without worries.

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