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Apacer Deliver DDR2 667/533 4GB ECC Registered DIMM
Highest-Capacity DDR2 Registered DIMM Filled all requirements for Latest Generation AMD Opteron™ Processors and essentials of Ultra high Performance Server and work station

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Apacer Technology Inc., a global leader in memory modules and digital storage, is launching a latest generation of DDR2 667/533 MHz 4GB ECC registered DIMM targeting next generation high performance servers. Most efficient solutions are for the servers and workstation market. Apacer's new registered DIMM meet requirement for latest Generation AMD Opteron™ processors. The new registered DIMM strongly proven AMD PowerNow!™ technology capabilities to deliver reliability and extremely high performance. The DDR2 667/533 4GB ECC registered DIMM use 512Mx4 BGA of chip and Fine Pitch Ball Grid Array (FBGA) packaging that help dissipate heat and improve stability.

Apacer is the first one DRAM module company in the world to satisfy test in Supermicro®’ platform, H8DAE-2, H8DA8-2 and H8DMR-i2. The latest Apacer DDR2 667/533 4GB ECC registered DIMM are designed to support for AMD Opteron processor-based servers.


Apacer's DDR2 667/533 4GB ECC Registered DIMM are full product line for 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB and coming 4 GB now to support the servers and workstation market. More and more Major server platform manufacturers have already tested these memory modules and reported excellent results. Apacer works closely with all major motherboard manufacturers to guarantee the reliability and performance of solutions. Contact your local Apacer sales channel for availability.

For any questions on these or any other Apacer DRAM modules, please email apacertechsupport@apacer.com to find out more.

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