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Apacer rolls out a less than 1-in. high, complete series ""Low Profile"" memory moduleUltra-thin and with high-speed, it meets the comprehensive market needs of a mini PC, industrial computer, 1U Server

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(Taipei)- Apacer Technology Inc. launched the complete series of a ""Low Profile"" memory module with a PCB less than 1 inch in height to provide comprehensive memory module design in a bid to meet the market needs of every kind of digital application with strict space and height limitations on system design, such as mini PCs, industrial computers, and 1U servers. This series of products not only lets products be free from restrictions on volume and height of memory parts and components in system design but can also increase the computer processing speed significantly and reduce the interfering signals produced during high-speed data processing. With a PCB below 1 inch, so far it is the most competitive memory module in the world in terms of product and price.

According to Apacer Technology Inc., as computer products are gradually becoming like household appliances, for the design of a special style, it's important to make components slim and compact. As a result, the components used by such a system also have to down-size and at the same time to enhance system performance. Besides the needs of consumer electronic products, there are also increasing needs of industrial computers and servers for short, high-performance memory modules. For this reason, the ""Low Profile"" memory module debuted by Apacer Technology Inc. this time has covered the needs of all kinds of markets by providing an all-embracing product solutions with the best efficiency, stability and heat dissipation.The complete series of ""Low Profile"" DRAM memory module served out by Apacer Technology Inc., equipped with a PCB below 1 inch on average, adopts a genuine module and has a higher transmission speed than any ordinary memory module. Moreover, it has few interfering signals, its stability and heat dissipation ability are outstanding, and it has been verified by many renowned manufactures in compatibility tests. Product solutions for the Apacer Technology Inc. ""Low Profile"" DRAM memory module are quite diverse and comprehensive. In packaging, there are the TSOP and BGA available for Unbuffered DIMM, Unbuffered with ECC DIMM, and Registered DIMM. And in capacity, options range from 256MB to 512MB. Therefore, the needs of every kind of market with space limitations in product design can be adequately satisfied.

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