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Within several easy steps, different protection level to different zones can be assigned and protection mechanism can be activated. A device can be configured into 3 different types of zones: Restricted, Read-Only, or Unprotected which are designated by a starting and ending logical sector number.

A maximum of 4 zones can be configured as either Restricted or Read-Only Zone, which means up to 4 protection zones can be presented concurrently. More than 4 is not allowed and the command will not be executed and will be flagged as command error. The address space outside these 4 zones is automatically in Unprotected Zone. After the zone has been configured, the protection zone can be de-activated or re-activated by either software methods or hardware components. Protection zone configuration is non-volatile and it will be in effect until the next set of configuration overwrites it. A Protection Zone has a starting pointer and an ending pointer. The starting pointer and the ending pointer must be within 0 to N-1, and the starting pointer must be smaller than the ending pointer. No overlapping is allowed between zones. Otherwise, the configuration command will be flagged as a command error.


  • Total Drive Protection
  • Data Security & Assurance
  • Hierarchical privileges on data retrieval

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