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Random read errors are commonplace in the use of NAND flash. Therefore, it is essential to preserve data integrity. Error Checking and Correction (ECC) plays such an important role to identify and correct errors during read or write operations to NAND flash. Below diagram illustrates the principle of ECC. When information are about to be stored into NAND flash media (as ①), ECC is triggered and a set of ECC code is generated to be saved along with that information (as ②). Once this information is about to withdraw from NAND flash (as ③), the ECC code along with it is being verified to see whether if any error occurs (as ④). This mechanism is able to correct errors within its capability. If occurred errors are too many to handle, the information will not be able to retrieve successfully. By precise calculations on ECC verifications to seek ideal channels and residency of information, Apacer’s ECC mechanism does all the best to ensure every piece of recorded information stays alive.


  • Preserve data integrity
  • Identify errors during read or write operations
  • Correct errors within its capability
  • Ensure every piece of recorded information stays alive
  • Reliability & Trustworthiness

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