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Nano Coating & Molding Protection


When SSDs are deployed in industrial computing applications, they are usually in demanding environments. Hence, there is a need for surface protection. With that in mind, Apacer has launched SSDs that are made to be waterproof and dustproof, complying with IP57 standards.

Apacer have applied nano coating and macromelt molding techniques to protect our SSDs from water or dust affects, giving our drives the needed ruggedness to withstand demanding environments.


  • Low pressure molding; no harm for components
  • Hot-melt adhesive sealing
  • Higher productivity

Nano coating

  • Pin-hole free process
  • Protection from oxygen, moisture, chemical substances, solvents and carbon dioxide
  • Non-contamination coating process
  • Fully conformal on any type of surface materials

Conformal Coating

  • Easy to apply and cost-effective
  • Good humidity ressistance

Note: no proof for the connector

White Paper

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