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The widespread adoption of SSDs over HDDs in mission sensitive applications may attract potential data theft. In order to reinforce data security, Apacer introduces the CoreProtector technology that integrates multiple layers of protection for your valuable data.

Data Protect :

Data saved in storage media can be accessed easily without access authorization, if the device falls into the hands of others. To protect your data from being retrieved by unauthorized individuals, Apacer products come with a 512 bytes Security Key, activated whenever the SSD is booted. The key serves as password authorization. Each time the device is put in operation, a prior key verification will take place. The host must obtain the key that matches the one previously set and stored in the SSD. Failure to match the key will result in aborted operation. Remember, the Security Key for an SSD is different from the one programmed in another SSD.

Write Protect :

The write protect implements the dummy write scheme to prevent your devices from unauthorized data write. A dummy write imitates an actual data write into a LBA location temporarily, but it is a mocked one. Though the controller receives write commands from the host, the data is not written into Flash cells. Once the system is powered off and reset, the data written by the dummy write will disappear and the device will return to its originally dummy write enabled state.

Device Protect :

Device protect forms read/write access block for the device. This measure can be considered as a combination of dummy read and dummy write, which provides a comprehensive data security. In terms of the dummy read, when the protection is enabled, all related read commands on the protection-enabled device will receive a reply with “FF”, which means invalid information. In that case, the host system refuses to recognize unauthorized read commands, automatically restricting any read behaviors. The partition of the device will not be readable and accessible from the OS.


Boot Protect

Boot Protect Technology is the ultimate security class of Apacer CoreProtect series that restricts the unauthorized from accessing the computer system. Users can set access code during the system booting process so that no one else would be able to access their operating system and SSDs without the correct access code.

Boot Protect technology is also ideally applicable for SSDs with multiple OS-run storage zones that are independent from one another. For instance, if a SSD is divided into two storage zone with OS installed in each, that host can decide which zone to access by entering the corresponding access code.

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