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Since data lost and Link Table damage can occur due to power loss, an effective way is to implement backup power supply that lengthen the emergent hold-on time for the controller to move all the cached data into NAND flash. Whether the controller can complete all the write-back-to-NAND cycles is largely dependent on the strength of the deployed backup power solutions and the required current of the device and NAND flash. One of the widely adopted solutions is SuperCapacitor.

SuperCapacitors are powerful, highly-capacitive electrolysis capacitors appearing in small sizes. They are capable of supplying needed current for emergent operations during unexpected power-cut to prolong the remaining time. Thus, the controller could run multiple write-to-flash cycles to store the cached metadata and complete programming NAND blocks. SuperCapacitors are widely adopted in various embedded applications as the implementation is relatively easier comparing to batteries.

  • Powerful, high electrolysis capacitors in small sizes
  • Provide needed currents during unexpected power outage
  • Prolong the remaining time in urgent conditions to run multiple write-to-flash cycles
  • Easy to implement

Another solution is Tantalum Capacitors. Though this type of capacitors is less capable of supplying significant amount of currents comparing to SuperCapacitors, they make it up with reliability and endurance. Tantalum Capacitors are more reliable in extreme ambient temperature and with a longer lifetime than SuperCapacitors.

  • Stronger resistance against extreme ambient temperature
  • Longer lifetime
  • Higher endurance

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