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Secure SSD Chart

Category Model Class 1: Quick Erase Class 2: Full Erase Class 3:MIL Erase
 2.5" SATA SSD SAFD 25P/-M  V  V V  V V
 1.8" SATA SSD SAFD 18P/-M  V   V  V  V
 2.5" Mini SATA SSD SAFD 25M4/-M  V   V  V  V
 1.8" Slim SATA SSD (MO-297) SAFD 18S4/-M  V  V  V  V  V
SATA Module SDM4/-M(LP, Slim) V   V   V
 SATA Module SDM4/-M(Others)  V  V V V   V
 mSATA SSD (MO-300) mSATA M4/-M  V   V  V  V  V
 SATA DIP Type SSD SDC4  V   V  V  V
 2.5" PATA SSD AFD 257   V   V V  
 1.8" PATA SSD  AFD 187  V    V  
Industrial CFast Card CFast  V   V V    



Apacer CoreEraser Technology provides highly comprehensive drive sanitization measures, developed to securely and thoroughly erase data in operating blocks. The CoreEraser comes in three classes of block sanitizations and can be implemented through vendor software or hardware architect.

Class 1: Quick Erase
Quick Erase erases the MBR and FAT table that serves as a data allocation and mapping link in the user block immediately after activation. Once the erase command is completed, all the erased data becomes irretraceable.


 Class 2: Full Erase
Full Erase has a more comprehensive function of Quick Erase, where all contents of the user blocks, free blocks, MBR and FAT table are erased after the procedures are completed. Drive will be reinitialized upon the completion of the erase action. The device will behave as a raw disk as cells in the drive would display “FF” (or “00”).

Class 3: MIL Erase
MIL Erase includes a list of globally certified drive purge methods that meet the military and industrial standards, such as Dod 5220.22-M. The process would sanitize the MBR, FAT table, user & free blocks by erasing the blocks, overwriting with random data, then verify.  These certified erase features are widely approved in military application, while providing confidence in secure data erase.  


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