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Apacer SSDWidget is a mobile software with SSD real-time monitoring and diagnosis function. The administrator can operate in the Client Version installed in a desktop computer to acquire key data. In the mobile-cloud era, the software’s range of application has been extended by creatively developing an exclusive APP (Mobile Version) for smartphones and tablet PCs. After installing, the administrator will receive real-time information of SSD conditions deployed in systems of all areas without limits of time and area. It increases SSD data security and provides users with maximum convenience.

The client version includes 1) S.M.A.R.T. is designed to conduct comprehensive health examination for SSD.Unlike data from others, prediction of SSD lifespan offered by Apacer SSDWidget is the record obtained through dynamic analysis of usage situations of the applications and the actual workload. Users can be aware of SSD lifetime status, while further preparing effectively for assessment of contingent plans and risks. 2) Drive Scan features the function of health examination including Quick Scan and Full Scan to ensure that no damaged block is in use so that SSD could be normally used. 3) Drive Erase is used in such a situation where the customer wants to discard the SSD but worry about data leakage.

In addition, Mobile Version can access key data configured in systems of all areas at all times. When the customer builds Apacer SSD in worldwide areas , it allows centralized monitoring and management through the mobile version with easy operation interface. Thus, SSD usage and health status in each area will be monitored instantly and clearly. The latest product information of Apacer SSD will also be synchronized, enhancing convenience of management.


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