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Why Apacer Solid State Drive

Passing the Most Rigorous Reliability Tests

Apacer insists that all SSDs must pass the most rigorous and thorough reliability tests so that every product can meet the requirements of notebook users for durable impact and vibration resistance and high stability in the pursuit of high performance, giving consumers an industrial-grade quality guarantee.

  • Humidity Test(5%~95%), Shock Test (1500G), Vibration Test (15G)
  • On Going Reliability Test
  • Constantly Reboot 1000 times
  • Altitude Test(80,000 fit)

  • Industry-Leading Development Technology

    The core competitiveness of Apacer, which has developed many excellent products, comes from its constant innovation and R&D ability, which has greatly enhanced the reliability and durability of the SSD.

  • 8-15bit ECC
  • Global/Static Wear-Leveling
  • Enhanced Data Integrity
  • Bad Block Management
  • Power Failure Management

  • Ten Years of Tested Experience in Industry

    Apacer proactively planned and developed the SSD for industrial use in 1999, and more than 10 million units have been produced in the ten years of experience since then. The SSD has not only won the favor of famous international companies, the strong performance of the product has allowed its use to be expanded to the fields of the military, aerospace, medical equipment, gaming, and thin client computers. Its professional reputation is far and above that of other competing brands.

    Striving for a Perfect Quality Guarantee

    Apacer carefully pursues perfection, from the product design stage to the verification of production by large international companies and the complete after-sales maintenance service. Its careful development procedure is thoroughly imbued with the brand spirit of “Access the Best.” The product’s DPPM (defective parts per million) has been lowered to less than 300 and the MTBF (mean time between failures) has reached the goal of two million hours. The demands of these kinds of high standards make the Apacer SSD stand out above all other competitors and make it your only choice if you want the highest quality.

    Meeting RoH Environmental Standards

    Apacer places great importance on environmentalism, and all its products, from raw materials to components, meet the EU’s RoHS environmental requirements. Starting in 2009, a halogen-free product material policy will be fully implemented, eliminating the use of chemical substances that are harmful to the Earth so that you can use the products with peace of mind.

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