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Drive industry with technology; build brands and global distribution

Supported by global distribution and innovative brand value, Apacer has branch offices in all major markets, building a considerable presence worldwide with a sound distribution and thorough service network.

Innovative Brand Value

Apacer’s “R&D” and “marketing” sit at the core of its competitive advantage. With digital storage technology at the forefront, Apacer Technology continuously innovates applications and acquires new intellectual property rights. By providing a full range of products, Apacer has earned recognition from global media and customers alike. The company’s ability to maintain control of global channels has allowed customers to continue to trust and recognize its products, thus improving brand value. The center of the smile from the Smile Curve Theory represents “Manufacturing”; the left side “R&D”, which includes global competition; and the right side “Marketing”, which involves local competition; the vertical portion represents “value added.”

Customer Service

Deeply believing that branding is built on impressing customers with good services, Apacer emphasizes on delivering a pleasant user experience from the moment of purchase. Apacer also continually sharpens its competitiveness in marketing and distribution network by regularly updating the product and market information to its direct customers as well as agents and distributors around the world.

The company website also offers product information and test reports to further enrich user experiences, complemented along with total after-sales services, strict quality control, as well as the exclusive customer-service responses.

Quality /HSF Policy

To satisfy our customers by delivering competitive, defect-free and hazardous substance free (HSF) products and excellent service without delay.

EHS Policy

  • Obey the Laws: follow the laws and regulations, the implementation of the relevant requirements.
  • Pollution prevention: promoting resource recovery, and the implementation of energy conservation and carbon reduction.
  • Risk Control: consistently predict hazards to watch out for harm disease.
  • Consultation & Communication: consulting, communication and participation cognitive personal responsibility.
  • Green Design: promoting environmental design, subjects to environmental protection.
  • Continuous Improvement: continuing to improve performance, to ensure sustainable management.
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